MONTREAL ONLINE is a subsidiary company of QUEBEC ONLINE A Division of Michas Group Inc.

Founded in 2004 by Michel Hassoun, Michas Group Inc has connected businesses domestically and internationally. With initiatives that include regional market analysis, business consultation, event coordination and marketing. !

Michas Group Inc manages numerous subsidiaries and benefits from Michel’s experience as a marketer and facilitator, which spans more than 40 years.

Michas Group Inc welcomes its new division, Quebec Online. The business and social networking initiative serves as coordinator, guide for visitors and newcomers to the province of Quebec . Overseeing personal, business and corporate travel as well as lending its services to students and tourists. Quebec Online fully personalized itineraries, organizes meetups and connects interesting minds.

Helping You Find Your Way

If you are new to a place, managing your itinerary can be overwhelming. Quebec Online makes it easy. Receive unlimited access to a directory of people, places and happenings.

As a member:

  • Build your online profile and engage with other members and businesses
  • Develop travel plans with the help of experts
  • Receive accommodation assistance
  • Gain access to a pool of local talent
  • Connect through meetups, conferences and dining events
  • Receive special offers from partnered restaurants and merchants
  • Enjoy transportation services with Quebec Online’s private fleet of cars.
  • Advertise in our social media that covers more than 150,000 members worldwide.

Partnering with Quebec Online

Quebec Online partners with local businesses. To be featured prominently on the network, Partners provide members with special offers such as discounts or service upgrades.

Partnering with Quebec Online offers fantastic exposure and puts businesses in direct contact with major influencers in the corporate and travel world.

As a partner:

  • Receive a profile showcasing your business logo
  • Include images of your business’s key players
  • Connect directly with prospective clients and other businesses
  • Be a prominent player at special events and meetups

Quebec Online’s website is optimized for high ranking and heavy traffic. Being featured on the network gets your business seen.