BETWEEN MICHAS GROUP INC Operating as CANADA-ONLINE.CA (the "Company” ) and (the "Recipient")

By accepting below, both the Company and the Recipient hereby agree that:

(a) this document, immediately upon it being signed by both parties, constitutes a Personal Information Protection Agreement (the "Agreement") for purposes of The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) ("PIPEDA") which is binding on both parties;

(b) pursuant to this Agreement, the Foundation may from time to time disclose to the Recipient personal information as described in Schedule A attached hereto (with all such personal information so described therein and actually disclosed to the Recipient being herein called the "Disclosed Information");

(c) it is the intention of both the Company and the Recipient that the Disclosed Information will be used by the Recipient only for the purpose(s) described in Schedule A attached hereto (with all such uses being herein called the "Authorized Uses") and for no other purpose whatsoever;.

(d) this Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws in force in all Canadian Provinces.

By accepting below, the Company hereby confirms that it has satisfied itself that either it or a third party acting on its behalf has obtained whatever consents are required in order for the Foundation to disclose to the Recipient the personal information described in Schedule A attached hereto and for the Recipient to use such information as contemplated by the Authorized Uses.

    By accepting below, the Recipient hereby agrees:

  • (b) to treat the Disclosed Information as confidential information and to otherwise safeguard the Disclosed Information in a manner that either meets or exceeds the security safeguards adopted by the Foundation from time to time and that are communicated to the Recipient regarding the Foundation's collection, use and disclosure of personal information, with the Foundation=s current security safeguards being described in Schedule B attached hereto;
  • (c) to also comply with any additional reasonable directions given to it by the Foundation for the purpose of providing additional protection for any Disclosed Information;
  • (d) to limit the disclosure of Disclosed Information to its employees and/or independent contractors who have a need to know that Disclosed Information in order for the Recipient to use that Disclosed Information for the Authorized Uses;
  • (e) that all Disclosed Information remains the property of the Foundation and to return all Disclosed Information to the Company immediately upon being requested to do so;
  • (f) to indemnify the Foundation and its directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives in respect of any claim, investigation, demand, action, cause of action, damage, loss, cost, liability or expense which may be made against or incurred by any of them and that relates to or arises out of any breach by the Recipient (which shall include any breach by any of the Recipient=s employees and/or independent contractors) of any provision of this Agreement, with such indemnity to survive any termination or expiration of this Agreement by either party for any reason whatsoever.